Sungur Foreign Trade Services has launched a foreign trade consultancy service to cater to the ever-growing export demands in global trading. We are a Turkey based export import consultancy firm offering its expertise to its clients in establishing businesses in this profitable & booming country.

Sungur Foreign Trade Services is serving clients targetting Turkish market. Our  foreign trade consultants advice people on the different export and import regulations that exist in Turkey.

Sungur Foreign Trade Services also facilitates businesses in setting up distribution in Turkey taking care of the all the phases. The consultants advice businesses on the kind of marketing campaign they will require to create an impact in this new market. We take care of the awareness / marketing campaign for businesses entering foreign land for the very first time. This foreign trade consultancy has become popular as it has helped many companies in increasing their profits after having ventured into the unknown taking expert advice from Sungur Business Services.

We are also providing assistance to Turkish firms seeking to export their products and/or looking distribution channels worldwide.

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